How can I contribute?

Any bug or request can be filed on Github. We also need translators for the OOMusic project (the Odoo module behind KooZic)!

One of my folder appears in red color, what does that mean?

It means that the folder is being scanned, and is currently locked. Depending on the size of your collection, it might take a few seconds to… a lot of time. Usually, KooZic is able to scan 2000 songs per minute during the first scan, then it should not take more than a few seconds for each scan. Moreover, once a day, a cache of the album images is built for performance reasons. This might take a few minutes as well. If the folder is locked for an unusually long delay:

  • shutdown KooZic and launch it with the option –log-level=debug: this will give you more detailed logs
  • access the debug mode by changing the URL from http://localhost:8069/web#view… to http://localhost:8069/web?debug#view…: this will allow you to manually unlock the folder (hidden fields will appear)

Changes in my collection are not reflected in KooZic, why?

There might be several reasons:

  • the scheduled scan hasn’t run yet -> you can run it manually by clicking ‘Scan’ in the folder view
  • the scheduled scan crashes -> see ‘One of my folder appears in a red…’ question
  • Folder or file modification date is not updated -> make sure it is

Regarding the last cause, it is for example the case with EasyTAG: by default, changing the tags of a file won’t change the modification date of the folder, thus the folder will be skipped. Go have a look in the parameters ­čśë

How to automatically launch KooZic at startup? How to run it as a service?

KooZic is compatible with standard tools such as SysVinit, Upstart or Systemd. You can find systemd configuration files here. Another way is to use screen.

How to enable SSL support (HTTPS)?

There is no built-in SSL support. However, KooZic works perfectly behind any web server software, such as Apache or Nginx. Here is an example of SSL configuration with Nginx.

Is multi-processing supported?

Yes! But it makes sense to activate this mode only if more than 10 users are using KooZic at the same time. You might want to read the Odoo documentation first. You need to install psycogreen and gevent, for example on Ubuntu 16.04:

sudo apt install python-psycogreen python-gevent

To run KooZic in multiprocessing mode:

./odoo-bin --workers=4 --limit-time-cpu=1800 --limit-time-real=3600

The time limit parameters are necessary for folder scan since the default value (60 and 120 seconds) are not enough.

Is there pre-packaged version?

Not for now. However, deb or rpm packages might be released in the future.

How to clean-up the configuration?

First, stop KooZic. Then, you should:

  • delete the database:
    dropdb koozic
  • delete the filestore:
    rm -rf ~/.local/share/Odoo/filestore/koozic

Lauch the initialization command, and you are ready to start on a fresh installation.