Release of v1.1.0

Published at December 20, 2018 ·  3 min read

Koozic recently blew its second candle, while the development is still ongoing. As usual, the new version is ready quite quickly, but the corresponding news takes some time to be written. Develop new functionalities is a fun job, but writing a decent release blog is less. Smart and dynamic playlists The smart playlist concept has been in the development pipe for a while now. Nothing revolutionary in comparison to other softs, though: KooZic creates automatically a playlist based on one of the following supported modes:...

Release of v1.0.0

Published at August 10, 2018 ·  3 min read

Does a version 1.0.0 mean a major refactoring of KooZic in comparison to v0.8.0? Actually not at all. This instead refers to major internal changes making both versions incompatible, which justifies a version jump. However, that doesn’t prevent some improvements and new features to be included in this version. Odoo v11.0 and Python 3 While versions 0.x were using Odoo v10 and Python 2, the branch 1.x uses Odoo v11 and Python 3....

Release of v0.8.0, last release...

Published at April 6, 2018 ·  3 min read

… using Python 2! The last few months have been rather quiet regarding KooZic. The development didn’t stop, though. Several features have been added. Among others, the support of audio normalization, non-transcoding, and a converter. Audio normalization When playing one track after another, it is sometimes possible to perceive a non-negligible volume difference. This can simply be explained knowing that each audio track has a defined volume level, which can be different from one file to another....

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