Free & Open-Source

Relies on Odoo, published under LGPL license, OOMusic and OOVideo, published under MIT license.

Search Thanks to ID3 Tags

ID3 tags allow you to easily organize your music. Quickly find what you are looking for: song title, album, artist or genre! KooZic provide powerful search functionalities.

Enjoy Powerful Playlists

Create your playlists in a few seconds! Add songs, albums or even an entire artist collection to your playlist with just one click!

Any music or video format

The media is transcoded on-the-fly! MP3? OGG? FLAC? MKV? Doesn’t matter: KooZic takes care of all of them thanks to FFmpeg!

HTML5 Player

Uses howler.js and Clappr, simple yet powerful audio and video tools. They take advantage of your browser media player capabilities without third-party plugins.

Awesome Backbone

KooZic uses a light version of Odoo as a backbone. We take advantage of the robustness of the software to focus on one task: develop a music and video streaming software.