Download & Apps


Latest stable release

The latest version is KooZic v0.8.0. Check the installation instructions for an automated installation!

Development version

Get the development version from Github:

git clone --recursive

Have a look at the roadmap if you want a closer at what is going on.

Old releases

All releases are available on Github!

Mobile applications

Any Subsonic compatible application should be compatible with KooZic from v0.3.0. Numerous links are provided on the official website. However, many of these applications are not supported anymore. Here is a selection of applications that were tested extensively with KooZic.


  • DSub: probably the best choice, actively developed. You should definitively have a look at its numerous features!
  • UltraSonic: a very good choice, although less fancy features than DSub. Anyway, perfectly suitable for a daily use.
  • Subsonic Music Streamer: the official client. More a proof-of-concept than an application that you would use on a daily basis.


On iOS, three applications were also tested. Once again, the compatibility with KooZic is very good.

  • play:Sub: probably the best choice (and the best app), actively developed. Subjectively even better than DSub…
  • AVSub: a lot of features, although not really in line with the iOS design.
  • Soundwaves: a free app! It focuses on music streaming and leaves aside the fancy stuff. Anyway, it does it pretty well.