Release of v0.8.0, last release...

Publié le April 6, 2018 ·  3 min read

… using Python 2! The last few months have been rather quiet regarding KooZic. The development didn’t stop, though. Several features have been added. Among others, the support of audio normalization, non-transcoding, and a converter. Audio normalization When playing one track after another, it is sometimes possible to perceive a non-negligible volume difference. This can simply be explained knowing that each audio track has a defined volume level, which can be different from one file to another....

Release of v0.7.0

Publié le September 1, 2017 ·  2 min read

KooZic will soon be blowing its first candle as we are progressively reaching a satisfying result in terms of functionalities, stability and performances. In the meantime, the v0.7.0 is bringing some nice new views, amongst bug fixes and performance improvements. Artists Thumbnails KooZic retrieves artist information from LastFM since v0.2.0. We retrieve the biography, top songs, similar artists… but not the images. It is the case as of v0.7.0, with an extra artist thumbnails view....

Release of v0.6.0

Publié le May 24, 2017 ·  2 min read

After a v0.5.0 which brought only a limited number of changes, the v0.6.0 is released with a featured already feared by Youtube: video support! Alright, maybe Youtube is not yet that impressed, but who knows ;-) Similarly to Subsonic, KooZic now supports video streaming, meaning that videos stored on the server can be converted in real time and broadcasted wherever you want. Video streaming In KooZic, videos are handled differently than in Subsonic....

Release of v0.5.0

Publié le April 13, 2017 ·  3 min read

About a month after the release of v0.4.0, the v0.5.0 is already out! Well, ‘already out’ is maybe too much: there are few functional changes, but a major step forward for French translation. Loading a new translation in KooZic is a piece of cake. However, you might have noticed that the interface is partially translated. This is due to the fact that Odoo, the software on which relies KooZic, is completely translated in many languages....

Release of v0.4.0

Publié le March 11, 2017 ·  2 min read

The new version of KooZic (v0.4.0) is officially out! Six months after the release of the very first version, a big step forward has been achieved with a new folder browsing view. This should satisfy people who don’t have a library correctly tagged. KooZic was created with ID3 tags in mind. It is still the strength of the software since it gives you access to tracks, albums, artists or genres effortlessly, whether other softwares provide limited capabilities....

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